AFC Leopards’ coach Luc Eymael stranded in Brussels

The Belgian, who traveled to his native home to attend a grandson’s baptism, has revealed to Goal that he has been reserved in an overbooked flight
By Dennis Mabuka

AFC Leopards’ coach Luc Eymael is currently stranded in Brussels and could miss a flight back to Kenya in readiness for the team’s premiership match against Mathare United on Saturday.

The Belgian tactician, who traveled to his native home on Friday to attend a grandson’s baptism in Liege, has exclusively revealed to Goal that he has been reserved in a late flight which is already overbooked.

“My plans were to arrive in Kenya and connect a flight to Mumias on Monday but I don’t think that will be the case now.

“I am on the waiting list here in Brussels Airport because the club booked me late. So I have to wait if I can fly back to Kenya today (Monday) or not.

Eymael continued, “That makes me nervous because it is a long flight and if I cannot take off today (Monday) then I have no idea when. My house is 100km off the airport and all the things will be late.

“It is the first time in my career that such a thing has happened to me. In my four years in Africa that has never happened but I am shocked because I explained well to AFC Leopards’ top brass that I have to travel for the grandson’s baptism and that they have to send me a return ticket on time.

“So the ticket came a bit late and as we speak I am here at the airport on the waiting list. The plane has to stop in Kigali, Rwanda and is overbooked. If they (officials) had planned earlier, I will certainly have gotten a sitting place but always everything is done at the last minute in the club.

“If I take the flight I will definitely arrive late in Nairobi If NOT…I don’t know because there are no flights everyday to Nairobi.”