AFC Leopards unveil security plans

A day after Ingwe confirmed they will meet full costs of damages caused by their fans in Nyayo and Kasarani, the club has unveiled security plans to curb crowd trouble

By Dennis Mabuka

AFC Leopards have come up with elaborate security plans to help curb recent cases of crowd violence and in a bid to persuade authorities to rescind indefinite bans imposed on the team from accessing two of the countries biggest sporting facilities.

In an eleven page proposal titled ‘AFC Leopards security management strategic plan’, and signed by secretary Winston Kituyi, the club says they have come up with deterrent and preventive measures that would provide lasting solutions to the general life and property before and during matches. have obtained the proposal after exclusively reporting on Friday that the club has caved in to demands by Sports Stadia Management Board (SSMB) to meet full costs of damages caused during crowd trouble by club fans in two separate incidents earlier this season.

In that letter dated May 03, 2013, addressed to SSMB acting (CEO) Gabriel Komora and signed by Kituyi, the club has now agreed on a compensation package payable in installments.

The security document states in part, “AFC Leopards is keen to show the world who the genuine AFC Leopards fans are and to segregate hooligans from the football fraternity. The club has embarked on an ambitious plan to strengthen its security operation during all the future matches involving the club.”

‘We will enlist services of a professional safety officer who shall liaise with the Kenya Police and the Sports Stadia Management Board together with other stakeholders to enhance security and provide a proactive security detail.”

The plan also says that the club will instil discrete and high levels of discipline among stewards by undergoing training program after being carefully selected and their criminal records verified by acquiring a valid certificate of good conduct from the police to ascertain their integrity.

“We shall strengthen their operations by creating a rank or leadership structure that ensure a hands-on approach to each and every paddock and at every corner of the volatile area, the team leaders will be provided with radio communication equipment that with make it easy for co-ordination and liaison. This will ensure a proactive security detail.”

“All AFC Leopards future tickets will have messages denouncing violence. At the end of every match there will be a post-match security analysis and a written report will be handed over to the hosting club who shall in turn handover the same report to other stakeholders.”

“The branches who want to hang their flags and banners within the stadium will choose the areas where they wish to hang those items and will be advised to instruct their members to sit next to those banners.”

“They would be required to register those positions with the club’s security 12 hours before the kick-off and will be seriously reprimanded for any negative incidents that occur around those areas.”

“Only branches recognized by the club will be allowed to advertise themselves at the stadium. The officials will have been well known properly by the club secretariat.”

“Season tickets as a way of identifying the genuine AFC Leopards supporters will be introduced. The features on those tickets will include the photograph of the holder; national identity card number; name of the older; amount paid by the holder expiry date. Any expired card will not be honoured.”

Focus will now shift on whether this proposal will convince the authorities to rescind the ban as the club has requested, and if the club will implement this ambitious plan to the later.

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