Sofapaka coach David Ouma calls on KPL to harmonize fixtures

The Batoto Ba Mungu tactician laments that the disparity between teams in terms of matches played will water down the competitiveness of the Kenya league

Sofapaka Coach David Ouma has called on Kenyan Premier League (KPL) managers to work out ways of making sure that all teams in the league have played equal number of matches.

Ouma laments that the disparity between teams in terms of matches played will affect the competitiveness of the league.

“In other leagues in Europe and even Africa, it is very rare to find a team having more than three matches at hand. However, back at home, you find that a team has almost five matches it has not played, which is very absurd,” Ouma told

“I would like to call on premier chiefs to ensure that the teams which are yet to play a number of matches catch up with the rest. At times, you find that players are disturbed psychologically when they get to know that an opponent is yet to play even up to four matches."

Ouma, whose Sofapaka ascended to the top of the 16-team table standing on Saturday after crushing Nairobi City Stars 3-1, says they are determined to keep their stay at the summit for 'as long as possible'.

“I want to urge my players to be consistent because we have finally picked up well and we are playing more like a unit. Our target this year is to win the league crown and we have to work hard towards that.”

The tactician also praised his team for downing City Stars, a side that has been their boogie side since 2009.

“Our game against City Stars has always been like a derby. They have given us a hard time in all matches we have played against them and beating them on Saturday was a great relief.”