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Ingwe official Walter Onyino says they have written to the federation seeking not to be forced to part with Charles Okwemba and Victor Ochieng until their contracts expire

AFC Leopards have written to Football Kenya Federation (FKF) to intervene in a dispute with Rangers over two players.

The club wants the federation to ensure they are not forced to part with Charles Okwemba and Victor Ochieng until their contracts expire.

The two players have been ordered by their employer Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) to rejoin Rangers, who feature in the Division One league, in a matter that has put them on a collission course with their present club.

Leopards vice chairman Walter Onyino said they are waiting for a response from the federation before deciding the next course of action.

"We have failed to agree with Rangers and we have received word that the sponsoring company PCK is planning to transfer the players to an area where they will not be able to play for us. It is unfair because this are contracted players and we want the federation to intervene," he told

Onyino said the federation's intervention will be critical in protecting the player's future. Contacted for comment, Kenya FA President Sam Nyamweya said the issue is complicated because it involves a company and its employees.

"It is a bit difficult because the two are employed by PCK who now wants them back. There is very little we can do," he said.

The PCK recently announced they have reinstated their sponsorship of Rangers and sent an order requiring all players employed by them to represent them in the lower league.