AFC Leopards' new coach Victor Salvado hits back: I am qualified to coach the club

On Monday, revealed that Ingwe had sent a request to Portuguese FA seeking to know the tactician's past experience and academic papers
By David Kwalimwa

AFC Leopards coach Victor Salvado has exclusively contacted to respond to reports suggesting 'anomalies' in his CV and coaching experience and declared that 'his papers are in order'.

On Monday, exclusively revealed that the Kenya Premier League (KPL) club had sent a request to Portuguese Football Association (PFA) seeking to be furnished with information regarding the tactician's coaching experience and academic papers after it emerged that the 42 year-old was not - as suggested - the coach of SuperLiga side Benfica's reserve team.

"One reason why we settled on (Salvado) was his experience at Benfica and that he has a Uefa Pro license. But on further scrutiny we only see a Uefa B diploma and the club is not the one we took it to be."

"If we had this information at time of decision making, we could certainly have settled on another candidate who had comparatively better experience. Anyway, I've asked him to clarify these issues so that we can move forward," the source, who sought anonymity revealed.

In a response to this, Salvado admitted having received similar queries from AFC's top brass and revealed that reports suggesting he handled Benfica's reserve team are wide off the mark.

"The problem here is, I never said I coached Benfica (first Division reserve team) this is the confusion. I always said I worked under different structures of the club."

"I have talked to them (AFC Leopards officials)
and what they do not understand well is my connection with Benfica. I will explain, Benfica has 3 teams, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Sport Lisboa e Benfica B, Benfica and Sport and Castelo Branco branch number 1 club, the teams play similar system, and players can play on all the teams."

Salvado has also forwarded to his certificates and identities that confirm his association with Benfica. A source within AFC Leopards, has meanwhile, revealed that the club still has faith in the abilities of Salvado and was only 'sifting' through his record as is the norm. The tactician is expected in the country before the end of this week.

A top AFC Leopards official promised to solve the issue amicably. ""AFC is a tough team that attracts tough scenarios. We will solve the matter in the best way possible though."