Sacked Sofapaka player Mukhwana threatens legal action over unpaid salary

The former Rangers player, who was axed alongside four other players', reveals to Kenya that all is not well at former champs Sofapaka
Former Kenyan Premier League defending champions Sofapaka FC may soon be involved in a historic legal battle against one of their former players.

The tussle pits the club against defender Hashim Mukhwana, who was recently released for alleged indiscipline claims.

"It all started after the Western Stima game. The squad was apparently supposed to regroup the following day for recovery training under the new coach (Stewart Hall) but I was never informed and I couldn't make it (for that session) as I have a full time job with Postal Corporations."

"This is a situation the club knows very well. Immediately thereafter, I was summoned to the President's (Elly Kalekwa) office and given a release letter that detailed the termination of my contract citing indiscipline."

Mukhwana also confirmed that the club is currently undergoing financial difficulties. "Anyway that (the dismissal) is done. I now need the club to clear all the outstanding monies (in salaries and allowances) that I am owed. It is stretches back four months. I am now unable to reach the management for a solution or compromise and even when I do its all about excuses, counter excuses and lies."

"The club structure and management has really changed since my first stint (in 2009, during the title winning season). This season, players go without pay for up to three months, the administration then settles one month dues and that trend continues. Morale is low in camp and players are not focused on the job at hand."

The 26 year old then released the bomb shell. "I cant reveal everything at this moment but we are seeking redress on court."

"We want the club to avail the code of conduct that we allegedly failed to honor. I had a contract until the end of upcoming (2013) season. And if they (Sofapaka FC) don't need my services, they will have to compensate me and the rest of the affected players appropriately."

If the former Rangers FC player makes good his threat, this will go down as the first publicized case in which a player in the Kenyan League has taken a club to court.