Sofapaka President Kalekwa refutes claims they fired "Gattuso" over payment demand

Kalekwa denies allegations that the club dismissed Okoth because he had demanded for salary but instead said it was due to disciplinary issues
Sofapaka President Elly Kalekwa has refuted allegations that his club sacked its former midfielder Collins ‘Gattuso’ Okoth for demanding his monthly wages.

In an interview with Kenya, Kalekwa categorically stated that they do not owe the player a three months wage arrears as he had claimed.

Kalekwa noted that the player had been paid all his wages except for the month of September which is yet to end.

“We do not owe him a three months wage. What he has said is false, he is just spreading rumors. At Sofapaka we owe him no payment except for September which he is yet to pick and besides the month is yet to end.’’

Kalekwa also poured cold water on the player’s assertions that players are usually entitled to a Sh2, 000 match winning allowance.

“I do not pay such a low winning allowance. According to the player’s contracts all of them are entitled to a Sh5, 000 winning allowance. This figure can be doubled up to Sh10, 000 depending on my good will if they play well.”

“We are a God fearing institution and we demand that our players be well mannered.”

Okoth claimed he had not been paid for three months. "For the last three months I have not been paid a penny and not just me but the rest of the team. The only payment we have been given is a paltry Sh2, 000 for winning allowances but that has since been stopped because we have not been winning matches."

"How was I supposed to attend training and yet I don't have money,?" he posed.