New dawn as EABL sponsorship takes effect but what does it mean for Kenyan soccer...?

Paying players wages, match allowances, travel cost for away fixtures as well as daily operations of 16 KPL clubs will now be much easier
On Thursday, Kenya’s football landscape will never be the same again.

The much sought after financial breakthrough will become a reality as giant beer making company East African Breweries Limited (EABL) officially unveils its sponsorship for the Kenyan Premier league.

The deal which was struck a few weeks ago, amounts to Ksh170 million is set to run for three years. The cash is expected to inject a new lease of life in a league that has struggled to hold.

Paying players wages, match allowances, travel cost for away fixtures as well as the daily operations of the respective sixteen KPL clubs will now be much easier for the club's administrators.

Also under the agreement, KPL will drop its current name and adopt the name of the official sponsors through its Tusker brand, hence the change to Tusker Premier League.

The multimillion three year deal is set to make the league that has over the years struggled in nearly all faces get some semblance of financial stability.

Alongside broadcast holders Supersport, the two entities now become the face of Kenyan football that have lifted it from the days when it was nearly at its death bed.

The pay TV station set shop in Kenya way back in 2008 and has been hailed for the impact it has played in the development of Kenyan football.

The sponsorship comes at a time when the league is beginning to show signs of reclaiming its rightful place in continental soccer.

And as the say goes, ‘with goods comes glory.’ Kenyan soccer will be expected to move a notch higher. The clubs which have for long failed to impress at the regional and continental platform will be required to claim what is rightfully theirs.

And as the league blossoms to unprecedented heights, the influx of foreign players which is on ascendancy is expected to hit a record high.

According to KPL records, the 2012 season, the top flight soccer alone has attracted 34 players who now ply their trade in the Kenyan league.

From as far as Liberia, former AFC Leopards midfielder where Abraham Cokie hails to neighboring Uganda and down to Congo, the foreign imports have been streaming into the local league in droves.

Their presence is just but a tip of the iceberg and is set to spur competition for places in various league sides that they turn out for.

All said and done, EABL and Supersport have cleared the way and for that matter the ball is now clearly in the court of respective clubs and the players to prove their mettle.