Domestic leagues suspended in Cameroon

Divisions One and Two clubs in Cameroon have laid down their tools to protest against the non-payment of government subventions

The association of elite clubs of Cameroon (ACEC) has announced the suspension of the domestic leagues of Division One and Division Two clubs, known as Elite One and Elite Two, to press for the payment of government subventions and arrears of club officials.

The body says authorities owe more than 560 million franc CFA (€840,000) to the dozens of clubs playing in the two divisions, and that football will not resume unless the funds are paid in total.

“The competitions will remain closed until the government pay the subventions to clubs, which we need to help us run the leagues smoothly,” said Raphael Onambele Zibi, president of the ACEC.

The much-hyped professionalization of the local league is yet to take form due to financial constraints, lack of necessary infrastructure and difference in opinion between club owners, the football federation and sports ministry.

A similar crisis last year led to the suspension of the league for two months.