Vasco da Gama midfielder Bernardo kidnapped & tortured

The 22-year-old was seen with the girlfriend of organised crime boss Marcelo Santos and was discharged from hospital on Thursday after the attack
Vasco da Gama midfielder Bernardo was kidnapped and tortured by drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro.

The 22-year-old is understood to have been involved with Daiane Rodrigues, the girlfriend of Marcelo Santos, an organised crime boss, which prompted the attack.

After being seen by the criminal's gang, Bernardo and Rodrigues were taken to Timbau Hill, where they were tied up and beaten.

According to some witnesses, Rodrigues was shot several times in the leg and was only released from hospital on Thursday. The player was admitted to the Souza Aguiar Hospital and was also discharged on Thursday.

Vasco's sporting director Rene Simoes has revealed that he will offer his player all the support he needs after the incident.

"I spoke with Bernardo a little while ago, and our priority is to give total support to the player," he is quoted as saying by Globoesporte.

"Of course, Vasco do not want to see their name involved in anything outside of a sporting context. We know that the player must receive support from the club while legal proceedings are taken."

He went on to say that Bernardo has faced any disciplinary action from the club.

"One thing is the work contract, and the other is the image rights, which in Bernardo's case do not exist. First it is important to think about the human aspect, and then about the law," he continued.

"As we learned today, he has not talked with the club's lawyers."