Habas: We have worked closely to select the best combination of players

The former Atletico de Madrid player has stressed on building a competitive team in order to win the ISL...

Atletico de Kolkata head coach Antonio Lopez Habas believes that his side have done a good job in selecting their players for the upcoming Indian Super League (ISL) in the international and domestic players draft.

The players signed by the Kolkata franchise of the ISL from the international pool include Borja Fernandez, Jofre Mateu González, José Miguel González Rey, Arnal Llibert Conde Carbó, Sylvain Monsoreau, Jakub Podaný and Apoula Edima Edel Bete.

"My English is poor," The Spaniard said. "I would like to thank all of you for being here with us for this momentous occasion. We all have worked closely to select the best combination of players."

"The main objective is to build a group as a competitive team. To compete in the league we have to compete every day. Coming back we also look forward to spending time in the city and to learn the culture," he continued.

"For me it's not important to choose one player over another. For me the group is important. I need a very competitive team, a winning team and no more."

Among the 14 players signed in the domestic players draft are several players from East Bengal and Mohun Bagan who will only be available after the Kolkata derby that is slated for 31 August, 2014.

"The East Bengal and Mohun Bagan players will be left (available) after the [Kolkata] derby," confirmed co-owner Harshvardhan Neotia.

Commenting further, a club official Subrata Talkdar said, "53% of football followers in India are from West Bengal. Of the 120,000 fan base we have now, we have 30 percent from Armenia, Bangladesh, Turkey, United States etc. The Twitter followers  are more than even 100 year old Indian clubs in existence.

"We have also launched one of the fan initiatives today as FANATK ADDA for fan outreach."