Tevez’s father freed after kidnap

The Juventus striker’s father has been released by criminals after being held for a ransom for over eight hours

 Carlos Tevez’s father has been freed after being kidnapped and held for ransom for over eight hours.

The incident happened in the outskirts of the capital city Buenos Aires at around 7am when Juan Alberto Cabral’s car was hijacked, Argentina newspaper La Nacion has reported.

The offenders contacted Tevez’s family and made an initial demand that was much lower than a second request for ransom a short while later.

Police investigated the incident and Tevez was on the verge of travelling to his home country to help deal with the matter.

“He was been kidnapped almost at eight in the morning," an official statement confirmed. "His family called 911 and the public prosecutor Stornelli started working with the corresponding division of the police

“The first thing we do is protecting the victim’s physical integrity. The release was nearby Fuerte Apache [the shanty town where Tevez lived when he was young]. Tevez’s father is shaken but he is OK - I’ve talked with him.”

Tevez is believed to still be in Turin following the ordeal but has been left out of Wednesday’s friendly in Cesena.