Retired Veron has 'no regrets'

The former Argentina international played his last game of professional football on Sunday for Estudiantes, against Tigre, and walked away with his head held high
Juan Sebastian Veron says he has no regrets after retiring from the game for the second time.

The former Argentina international hung up his boots last year to take up a director of sports role with boyhood club Estudiantes only to perform a dramatic u-turn and play one more season.

Veron played his last game of professional football on Sunday, against Tigre and explained afterwards that he is now looking forward to returning to his administrative role, having achieved almost everything he wanted to achieve as a player.

"I was lucky to start at this club when I was five and I'm leaving at 39," the midfielder told reporters.

"There's no reason to cry. If you gave everything, you don't have anything to recriminate yourself for.

"In the near future I'll see how I can carry things forward on a personal level, with a staff, to face another stage in my life as a director.

"There are no regrets. I just would have liked to play a Champions League final ... [and] win something with the national team."