Infantino calls for third-party ownership ban

The Uefa General Secretary has condemned third-party player ownership and is looking for Fifa's backing for a worldwide ban

Uefa General Secretary Gianni Infantino has called upon Fifa to put to an end third-party ownership.

The Swiss official believes the process is unethical because footballers should have the right to govern their own careers, as ordinary workers do.

“This would be unacceptable in society and has no place in football,” he told Uefa's official website.

“Footballers [like everyone else] should have the right to determine their own future. Clubs should not rely on third-party investors to acquire players that they cannot afford in the first place.

“In the long term, this is not good for the club or the player.”

Carlos Tevez's transfer from Corinthians to West Ham in 2006 saw the East London club fined around €6.5 million due to third-party ownership.