Blanc: PSG have improved

The 47-year-old was happy with his troops following their 2-0 win over Toulouse in the French capital after a meagre showing in midweek
Paris Saint-Germain boss Laurent Blanc has applauded his side for their improved performance in the 2-0 win over Toulouse.

The former Bordeaux coach was critical of his side in the wake of their 1-0 victory over Valenciennes in midweek, saying that only the result was satisfactory.

However, he believes his troops have upped their game since the match at Stade du Hainaut.

"The goal achieved is the same: the three points. the game at Valenciennes was worth three points and so was this one," he told reporters after the match.

"From the two games, we've got six points. It's very good. At Valenciennes I said that only the result was satisfactory because the rest was not good.

"I passed the message that we have to control a match more technically, despite the fatigue. Today, there were shortcomings as the fatigue is still present, but there are players who brought freshness.

"I think that we controlled the game technically better. It was much better than at Valenciennes. This is a fairly logical victory."

PSG host Benfica in the Champions League on Wednesday.