Brazil legend Romario slams World Cup costs

The former Selecao striker believes that his compatriots are being "excluded from the party" due to the high costs involved in attending fixtures
Brazil legend Romario has lashed out at the costs involved in attending games at the Confederations Cup and next year's World Cup, claiming that the common man is being "excluded from the party".

The former Selecao striker has repeatedly spoken out against the amount of public funding the Brazilian government is spending on hosting the two tournaments, claiming his country will see no lasting benefits of staging either event.

Romario is now of the opinion that the majority of his compatriots will not even be able to enjoy the festival of football next summer.

"The Brazilian is excluded from the party," Romario star told Radio Band News. "To have an idea a cup of beer inside the stadium is costing €4.20, which once stood at around €1.40.

"A acaraje (a food typical of Bahia) is €3.50. Everybody knows that outside the stadium is around €1.75.

"Which Brazilian can keep up with this pace? This World Cup is not for Brazilians, especially those who have the habit of attending the stadiums.

"With the stadiums we're spending €2.5 billion, equivalent to 150,000 housing units. The greatest legacy of this World Cup would be urban mobility, but it would increase the cost of the event.

"So the government decided to take it all off, like  as subway lines and train, for example. Unfortunately, it was just leaving the luxurious stadiums, which is what matters to Fifa."

Romario, who scored 55 goals in 70 appearances for the Selecao, inspired his country to World Cup glory in the United States in 1994.