Euro 2012: How the fans turned up for the beautiful game

A week has passed since Spain won the Euro 2012, and takes a look at how the fans of the 16 nations dressed up to cheer their teams to glory...

Euro 2012 saw a host of fans, flocking the stadiums to witness the battle for the ultimate title! Nevertheless the loyalty of the fans, passion for the game and patriotism for their country could be grasped from their attires which seemed to give a sense of liberation!


A wave of yellow and red, washed the stadium as the Spanish warriors would start their match. ‘Espanol’ and ‘We love spain’ were the words tattooed onto the bodies of the millions of fans. Leprechaun hats and red-yellow coloured wigs were in-vogue. Spanish beauties were seen with little red-yellow hearts on their faces.


French known for their class and subtlety showed off their strength without much of hullabaloo. Princess tiara flower bands, painted white-red-blue faces and jerseys were a favorite among the millions that were seated in the stadium.


Drama - the Germans sure know it well. It could be seen on and off the pitch. Fans sure couldn’t contain themselves. There were crackers outside the stadium, torches inside lighted by people wearing over-sized goggles and the German flag as their headbands.


The blue sky with white clouds seemed to meet with the green earth. The Greeks showed what they are renowned for- MYTHOLOGY! Dressed as warriors with ancient style helmets carrying the symbol of their clan throughout the stadium, the Greeks conveyed that Euro 2012 is not just football but battle!  


An ensemble that had a splash of green-red-white in various shapes etched over their face and bodies could well be recognized as an Italian fan. Fans decorated themselves by wearing hats with football sewn to it, map of Italy highlighted on their faces, cheering with ever-green pom-poms and roman age head gears.


The proud English wore a Red cross over a white backdrop exhibiting their culture and politics while dressed up as Her Majesty and the Knights. They were also seen carrying the same on their faces, backs and shaven heads!!

Czech Republic

Age is no bar for this country’s fan following. A common style among the Czech fans was witnessed. They were the various helmets. While the kids and parents were generally seen sporting Mahioles - a feathered helmet, crazy independent fans were spotted wearing Waterloo bridge helmets in the colours of their national flag.


Christmas preparations were put on hold. Dressed in red, green and golden, the arena seemed to be filled with Santa’s elves. The female fan following were wrapped in bikinis or their national flag.


Red shorts, White jersey number 20 and painted red-white hair, Slavek- one of the Mascots, proudly presented himself during all of Euro 2012! Taking cue from him, the host country citizens sure knew how to welcome the people from worldwide! The Poles showcased their enthusiasm through jester hats, painted football faces while proudly hoisting the “POLSKA” flags. And then there were the fanatics- dressed as the White eagle -the national emblem of Poland.


The Russians united under the biggest banner of the season seen so far. They were aggressively dressed in their patented- Ushanka hats. There were also flashes of Queen Catherine’s crown, Captain’s Hat and also as Military generals!


A mini Halloween was being celebrated throughout the arena when the Netherlands’ team stepped on the fields. Exuberantly liberal Dutch wore everything unique! There was Flintstone with his Orange haired Wilma, an Angel with orange wings, crazy custom made hats in orange and much more! The stand out was the replica of the huge UEFA football tossed around in the stadium among the fans.


The Danish Vikings held their heads and their national flags high up to demonstrate their support. Red and white striped goggles, hair , faces , cute bunny headbands and attires marked the arrival of Danish fans.


Leprechauns of Ireland had left their shoes for a later date and spent their secretly stashed away gold coins on Euro 2012. They sang and performed the Irish dance showing off their classic beards and celebrated hats. Alas! If only they could have granted their three wishes to the Ireland team!


After some obscene stunts by the fans-all in the name of the game-Croatians knew their cheer! Igniting flares before the match starts and the discovery of Croatian beauties, Euro 2012 saw Drama amidst the war!!


On a normal day, a combination of Yellow and Blue would be out of the question but the other host city knew their liveliness shouldn’t be outlived! They subtly wore their flag colours on their faces, hair and garbs tagging alongwith Slavko -the mascot for the event!


This mighty land – resident to Thor – with their army clashing away in Euro 2012 witnessed the commoners pompously presenting their national flag- SVERGIE. Full body suits, blue with a yellow cross, were the common favorites. Painted bodies of men and princess tiaras in yellow-blue colours adorned by women was a common sight.