Euro 2012 final protests prompt Femen activists’ arrests

For a third time during the tournament, the group, which was founded in 2008, have been taken into custody by police following more clashes ahead of Sunday's final showpiece
 Martin Langer
Euro 2012 Correspondant

Ukrainian police arrested several members of the feminist group Femen after starring in new clashes during a protest on Sunday morning outside the Olympic Stadium in Kiev.

The topless activists were opposing against the impending presence of Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko, who will attend the Euro 2012 final between Italy and Spain.

The latest protest marks fourth time Femen have done so during the tournament, following their opening day demonstration, one before the Ukraine-France game in Donetsk and in the Kiev Fanzone during the match between Ukraine and England.

The activists have been arrested three times already, but denounced being victims of a police persecution exclusively to earlier in the week.

In addition, Femen have specifically protested in the past against Lukashenko, whom they accuse of promoting sex tourism in their country and even went to against Belarus in 2010 where, they claim, were kidnapped by the Belarus secret police who subjected them to torture before being deported back to Ukraine.

Sunday’s protest lasted about 15 minutes before police with rubber truncheons, managed to detain and escort them to a police station in Kiev. tried to contact, without success, the movement's spokesman, Inna Shevchenko.

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