England midfielder Young reveals he was racially abused aged 11

The Three Lions attacker has added to the racism debate after revealing he was abused about his skin colour for the first time on a football pitch when he was just 11.

England midfielder Ashley Young has revealed he was first racially abused on a football pitch at the age of just 11.

The revelation comes at a troubling time for football after a series of players have reported being racially abused during their stay in the Ukraine and Poland for Euro 2012. Some players have even threatened to walk off the pitch if it happens during a game.

The Manchester United midfielder told The Sun on Sunday: "I was 11 years old and was racially abused on the pitch.

"It was another player, I'm not too sure what happened to him. But I was just a youngster. It was obviously so disappointing to hear it at such a young age.

 “You don’t expect to hear it at any age, but when you're a youngster even more so. But I just turned around, got on with the game and managed to score two goals.

"That’s me. I just want to go out there and play football. I've done that ever since I was young. I love playing football and that’s all I’m going to do."

"It's one of those things we shouldn't be sat here talking about in this day and age.

"It should not happen but, unfortunately, it does. Hopefully we won't hear it in this tournament.

"Uefa, now, have taken it into their hands and said they'll deal with the matter."

English players were subjected to racial abuse when they travelled to Bulgaria in a Euro 2012 qualifying game, where home fans aimed chants at Theo Walcott, Ashley Cole and Young.

Young added: "In that game the abuse was disappointing. I can’t speak for other players but I didn't let it affect me.

"I had to block it out in that game and get on with it. Uefa dealt with it after the game and Bulgaria were fined."

"The fines aren't up to me. It’s down to Uefa and how they deal with it.

"That was the matter left. Hopefully it doesn't happen in this tournament but, if it does, I’m sure Uefa will deal with it."

Young is set to be one of England's most prominent attacking threats after netting five goals in his last seven appearances, and says he has felt the adrenalin building since the tournament started.

He stated: "Every other tournament has been nice to watch but I was sat there watching the opening games on Friday and felt the adrenalin run through my entire body.

"Anybody who actually knows me can tell the excitement I'm feeling about Monday's game. It's a chance to establish myself even further in the team.

"Over the last however many games, I've been scoring and getting assists. I'm full of confidence and just excited about getting to Monday.

"I'm used to the pressure; I'm used to the expectation. When you play for Manchester United, you have that every week.

"Everyone wants to beat United, the biggest team in the world, so when it comes to playing with pressure I thrive on that.

"I know we have a very difficult game against France. They are a great team and it will be very tough but we are going there to win, we want the three points."

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