Poland National Stadium constructors hit out at investors in public statement

The consortium behind the new arena in Warsaw took out a full-page ad in a national newspaper to explain why building finished behind schedule
The consortium responsible for building Poland’s national stadium in Warsaw has spoken out over the delays and financial problems suffered during the arena’s construction.

Hydrobudowa Polska-PBG-ALPINE took out a full-page ad in newspaper Przegląd Sportowy ahead of Euro 2012’s opener between Poland and Greece, which will be played at the 58,500-seater stadium.

Construction was completed in November 2011, five months behind schedule, and the consortium has seen fit to make a public statement, highlighting the lack of payment from the National Sports Center (NSC), which was overseeing the investment in the project.

“Hydrobudowa SA still is not paid for the works done on the National Stadium. Publicly, Hydrobudowa is blamed for the lack of payments for the subcontractors

“The consortium and the subcontractors take full financial responsibility for delays in payments and settlements with NSC. Only because of our dedication, and the dedication of our subcontractors, today, the opening game can be played.”

The consortium is claiming that NSC owes them over 400million PLN (€93 million), while they themselves owe subcontractors around 60m PLN (€14m).

The statement continued: “We lost financial stability and, to save our creditors, we went for bankruptcy of PBG SA and Hydrobudowa Polska SA.

“When will the National Sports Center pay us for building the stadium? We still don't know.”