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The clubs have decided not to take Arrows’ players on loan if they are to be released for the IMG-Reliance tournament...

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The I-League Professional Football Clubs Association (IPFCA) have taken a strong against taking the Arrows’ players in their squad if they ought to be released for the IMG-Reliance’s tournament.

Last week the All India Football Federation (AIFF) wrote to the I-League clubs stating that ‘the loan period (for the Arrows players) will be from now till 31st Dec 2013 and again from 1st April 2014 till the end of I-League. The period of interregnum ( i.e.: 1st January to 31st March 2014) they will have to be returned to AIFF.”

While the AIFF didn’t mention that the players in the ‘interregnum’ period will be released for the tournament of their commercial and marketing partners, the clubs have refused to budge to the above mentioned clause.

Thereafter the clubs are said to have discussed amongst themselves internally the pros and cons of releasing their players for the IMG-Reliance and concluded that should they agree to the AIFF’s precondition, their earlier stand at the previous IPFCA meetings would be nullified wherein they had decided not to associate with any player who has aligned with the new tournament organisers.

“Please note that I am also worried for the Pailan Arrows boys, since the team has been disbanded at the last time, and I am ready to take them also, but with no clause, only at my terms, and they will never be allowed to play the new League,” informed one of the clubs to Goal.

“The loaning of Pailan Arrows  players’ is no different from taking IMG-Reliance contracted players or releasing our players to participate in their tournament and this is something we have decided against. It is very important that we hold our stance at this stage,” stated another club official.


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