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The Spaniard claims that his side have an issue each time referee Santhosh Kumar officiates their match...

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Sporting Clube de Goa went down 3-1 to Mohammedan Sporting in a round seven I-League match on Sunday. The Flaming Oranje gaffer, Oscar Bruzon Barreras expressed his disappointment over the standard of refereeing and hit out at Santhosh Kumar for not being professional in his decision making.

"Congratulations to referee Santhosh Kumar and to Mohammedan [Sporting] for the win," the 36-year-old said ironically after the match. "I don't talk about the refs (referees), but today I'm talking about Mr. Santhosh Kumar. After 180 minutes this is what happened with the ref [against] Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan."

Bruzon continued: "Every time Jerry (Boima Karpeh) was jumped at by Luciano [Sobrosa] today and by Mohun Bagan defenders [on 19 October when Santhosh Kumar was the referee], every time the ball was close to the box, it was a foul against us (Sporting Clube de Goa).

"You can see the match on TV [that] last weekend there were three penalties in Kolkata (against Bagan) in our favour. We did not get even one, but we got one penalty (which Eric Muranda scored from) against us."

Talking about Sunday's clash, the Sporting Goa added, "Today in the first half, Mohammedan had control of the game. The referee didn't even put one foul in favour of us, but put 20 fouls in the box in favour of them.

"So what I want to say is that Sporting Clube de Goa do not want Mr. Santhosh Kumar to come here. If not, it will get personal for us. And this is happening from the last season with this ref (referee). Mr. Santhosh Kumar is not a professional capable to ref (referee) our games."

Oscar Bruzon then addressed match commissioner Walter Pereira and said, "Of course, it's not my decision. It's the AIFF's (All India Football Federation) decision. From our side, please do as much as you can not to send Mr. Santhosh Kumar with Sporting Clube de Goa, because we are having problems every time he comes here.

"Against Mohun Bagan, he (Santhosh) did everything not do let us win in the second half, but he couldn't get it. But today, from the first half, he was trying to put the match in the hands of Mohammedan. And in the second half, because they were leading that was when he was balanced," Bruzon concluded.

Walter Pereira refused to make any comments on the remarks made by Bruzon but suggested that he will report the matter to the All India Football Federation (AIFF).

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