Uefa to hand out 10-game racism bans

The governing body has approved new measures to combat prejudiced abuse in football, with any individual found guilty to receive a hefty suspension
Uefa has announced that players or officials found guilty of racism will be given a minimum 10-match ban.

The game has been marred by a series of incidents, including Liverpool striker Luis Suarez's insults towards Manchester United's Patrice Evra, which earned the Uruguayan an eight-game suspension.

However, the governing body is determined to crack down on racism in football and has introduced harsher punishments for offending clubs and individuals.

"The new disciplinary regulations include the following sanctions in the event of discriminatory behaviour," a statement read.

"By spectators: a partial stadium closure for the first offence and a full stadium closure for the second such offence coupled with a €50,000 fine. By players or officials: a minimum 10-match ban."

Roma were recently fined €50,000 when their fans were found to have racially abused AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli during a 0-0 stalemate at San Siro.