Trevor Morgan: IMG-Reliance league will not detract the competitiveness of the I-League

The Englishman believes that a competition that brings “quality” shall surely succeed in the Indian market, as best illustrated by the accomplishment of Indian Premier League (IPL)

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With IMG-Reliance, the commercial and marketing partners of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), set to kick-start their two-and-a-half month long league in their bid to catch more eyeballs by glamorizing the game, Trevor Morgan believes that the said initiative would be an advertisement for Indian football worldwide.

While the clubs plying their trade in the country’s top division have expressed their displeasure, Morgan opines that the new league wouldn’t belittle the I-League in any ways.

“First of all I believe this is not a competition that will detract anything from the competitiveness and rivalries that exist in the I-League, it is however an opportunity for all fans to see top class players playing in Indian football and for people outside of India to realise cricket is not the only game played here,” he told GOAL.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) model has worked wonders for cricket and Morgan states that if a competition which promises top quality and is conducted in a business-like manner, success is a guarantee.

On being asked specifically to highlight how important is IMG-Reliance’s project for Indian football at large, Morgan said, “That is a question which will surely be answered after the competition. Any guesses now would be entirely speculative. However, if I look at the success of the IPL cricket - the huge crowds, worldwide television coverage and top international players involved, it proves that a competition that brings quality and crispiness can succeed.

“Nobody outside of India knows how big football is here, maybe this is the ideal opportunity for that to change.”

Morgan shall leave for Australia on September 1st after his brief stint to improve the fitness levels of the players roped in by IMG-Reliance. He explained the reason as to why he accepted their offer in the first place.

"IMG-Reliance reached out to me and requested if I can conduct the training for a month to assist the group of players signed by them to work toward improving their fitness levels. It was a good opportunity for me to get back to India and get involved in football again.”

Having successfully guided East Bengal into the quarterfinals of the AFC Cup, Morgan passed on his best wishes to his former wards but chose not to comment on the game per say.

“I have none; it is nothing to do with me anymore. I do however wish the players good luck.”


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