Derrick Pereira adopts Raymond Verheijen's 'periodisation' model at Salgaocar FC

The former Pune FC tactician is an admirer of the Dutch conditioning trainer's method...

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After Salgaocar's third day of the pre-season at the Duler football stadium in Mapusa, the new head coach revealed of his belief in Dutch coach Raymond Verheijen's philosophy towards fitness and training.

Verheijen, who has worked with top European clubs like FC Barcelona and Chelsea, had conducted a course for coaches in India earlier this year on the request of India’s technical director Robert Baan. And it seems that coaches have adopted the same ideology with Derrick Pereira leading the pack.

"We start gradually. There are two types of pre-season trainings. The tradional training is to work only on fitness, but what I'm working on is both the tactical as well as the physical aspects. I'm following Raymond Verheijen's periodisation," Pereira stated.

"His (Verheijen's) periodisation is such that it is a gradual build-up. You keep increasing gradually - either the timing or the repetitions. Traditional pre-season training is predominantly based on fitness, so you lose out on tactics. Whereas, periodisation helps you build both physical as well as tactical," he added.

Derrick Pereira also picks one of Jose Mourinho's lines

The 51-year-old went on to quote Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho after the Salgaocar trainer was asked so as to why he doesn't opt for agility training sessions at the beach.

"From the moment I completed my Pro-License, I have stopped beach training. We always train on the ground. I had also read in Jose Mourinho's biography when he was in Porto and they had gone to a hill station. The president of the club said that it's a nice place for hill running, but Mourinho said 'No, football is played on the pitch, not on the mountains'. So I follow that," he shared.

Being away from Salgaocar for more than 13 years, having donned the club's colours as a player until 1999, after which he pursued his career as a coach, Derrick has returned to his old stomping ground. And he is leaving no stone unturned to instill a philosophy at the club.

"Today was my first session with the youth coaches and I want them to follow whatever we are going to do (with the senior team) and thereby move in the same direction. Besides that, boss (club chairman Shivanand Salgaocar) has agreed to most of the things that I asked for, especially the facilities."

Men at work | Derrick Pereira working alongside his coaching staff

Salgaocar FC have begun their pre-season on 1st July and new coach Derrick Pereira believes that he might have just enough time to shape his plans.

While the other three I-League clubs of the state - Churchill Brothers SC, Dempo SC and Sporting Clube de Goa - begin their respective pre-season on the 8th of the month, Pereira explains his reasons for starting a week earlier.

"As per the date that I have got, the Goa League will start on 14th August, so according to that I have planned - from 1st July till then. I'll be getting six weeks. But I thought we would get six weeks, but we're not even getting that because we're playing the Charity match [of the state league] on the 4th (August)."

With Chika Wali having followed his mentor from Pune FC, Salgaocar FC are yet to sign another three foreigners for the current season for which a few players are expected to arrive for trials by the coming week.

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