Olivera hits out at America: Having money does not make you a team

The much-travelled playmaker is celebrating winning the Clausura title with current club Defensor, but hasn't forgotten a disappointing spell in the Mexican capital
By Damian Tiscornia

Defensor Sporting star Nicolas Olivera has taken the opportunity to criticise the administration of former side Club America, stating that the Mexican giants buy and sell players far too freely to the detriment of consistency and positive results.

The 33-year-old striker is currently celebrating lifting the Clausura title with the Violeta, after his goal at the weekend helped ensure that the club would finish champions in the first half of 2012 thanks to a 3-0 win over El Tanque Sisley.

Defensor have one more game of the regular season to play, before moving on to a final against Apertura winners Nacional that will define who is crowned Uruguayan champions of 2011-12.

Before rejoining his boyhood club for a fourth spell, Olivera endured a less than happy spell in Mexico City with the Aguila. Asked in an exclusive chat with Goal.com what his thoughts were of America, the diminutive goalscorer pulled no punches.

"America are a big team, a massive institution. They have an owner, in this case it is the owner of Televisa, a big television network. They have so much money, but as far as I can see they do not use it well on the sporting side. Forget years, every season [in Mexico six months] players and coaches come and go as if it were nothing," the Uruguayan fired.

"Because they have so much money they are always changing players and coaches and they never have the consistency to do differently, to be able to work hard and to develop the effort and dedication of all the players. In six months, when most likely 10 or 15 players have been changed, what one looks for is for everyone to work as a team and to put that familiarity to work on the pitch.

"You cannot expect to win everything in six months because it is very difficult. This happens to all teams. That confidence is missing and that is exactly the problem for America."

Olivera returned to happier ground when asked about Defensor's title, won with a game to spare. The former Sevilla, Valladolid and Valencia man identified a Copa Libertadores victory against Velez Sarsfield as the key moment in the Violeta's season.

"[That game] gave us a push in the local championship to win decisive matches, key fixtures that helped us go to the top of the Clausura table. We trusted in the players we had at the club and in what we do because no matter what they say, Defensor are a big club," the veteran explained.

"Defensor will always be in the top places of the championship. This is more proof that, whatever happens, we are always up there fighting."

Olivera picked up 28 caps for the Uruguay national team, scoring eight times and also representing the Celeste at the 2002 World Cup.