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The former Manchester City man has revealed making a bizarre wager with his former youth team-mate regarding the outcome of Saturday's game in the German top-flight

Bayern Munich's Jerome Boateng has admitted to making one of the most bizarre bets in football with former team-mate Anis Ben-Hatira when the players come head-to-head in Saturday's Bundesliga fixture against Hertha Berlin.

The German international, who started his career at the Berlin club, has confirmed that if his side lose, his mother will cook Ben-Hatira fish fingers and mashed potato as a reward, with his friend being a big fan of his mother's speciality.

"I said to [Ben-Hatira], 'Fish fingers? That's not exactly hard,'" Boateng confirmed to Bayern's official website.

"But he always said in the past that fish fingers cooked by my mum were wonderful, much better than any others."

Alternatively, if Bayern defeat Hertha, Ben-Hatira's mother will serve Tunisian food for the former Manchester City defender, with Boateng stating: "It will be a really tasty, enormous buffet."

The 23-year-old is looking forward to the game against his former employers and coming up against former youth team-mates, Ben-Hatira and Patrick Ebert.

"I owe a lot to Hertha. I spent my youth there and grew up at the club. I'm delighted Hertha are back in the top flight. It's very simple - the club belongs in the Bundesliga," he added.

"They've done very well so far and I don't think they will be drawn into a relegation fight."

Bayern are currently top of the Bundesliga, winning six of their opening eight fixtures.

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