Bayern brand overpowering claims 'absurd'

There have been increasing calls that the Bavarians' dominance is harmful, but Matthias Sammer says German clubs must instead look at their own problems
Bayern Munich sporting director Matthias Sammer has branded accusations that the club are ruining the Bundesliga "absurd" and taunted their rivals by suggesting they instead should look at why they are much weaker.

The Bavarians lead the German top division by 20 points, with Borussia Dortmund sitting second without a realistic hope of catching the runaway leaders.

BVB have been vocal in their complaints that the reigning European champions are too overpowered and are turning the Bundesliga into a league with no competition, but Sammer does not think that the argument holds weight.

"Maybe we are superior to the quality, but also we're superior with our mentality at the moment," he told Sport1. "And maybe that's the message we are sending out.

"The daily training, the daily response - it is a product of our development and no other club in Germany have our methods.

"Overpowering calls are a bit absurd, though. Instead, we should be having a discussion as why other clubs may not be as good at the moment."

The Roten chief also dismissed claims that the German giants are trying to weaken their opposition in the face of signing up Dortmund stars Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski last year and this coming summer respectively, but says they will not ever restrain their transfer plans.

"There was no decision made to weaken opposition," Sammer added. "But there are no taboos.

"If Bayern Munich want to do well, we will do what we must in the future. This is a clear message."