Zorc: Stark's apology won't give us back the points

The club director acknowledged the official's excuse, but insisted that the harm has already been done and nothing can atone for the consequences of the decision in Saturday's loss
Borussia Dortmund's Michael Zorc has stated that referee Wolfgang Stark's apology for the erroneous red card shown to Marcel Schmelzer during Saturday's 3-2 loss to Wolfsburg is no consolation for the result.

The Germany international was sent off after the ball struck his knee while defending a set-piece, prompting the official to point to the spot and dismiss the player.

Stark's decision to flash the red card turned the game on its head as BVB went on to lose 3-2, and the referee later apologised for the wrong decision, but Zorc remains unimpressed.

"It is certainly okay that he apologised," Zorc told BVB Total!.

"There are no two opinions on the matter. The scene was so clear, what else needs to be said?  It will not bring us back the two points, so there is no use for this anymore. This is very annoying

"Everyone saw that the referee influenced the game greatly to our disadvantage. The decisive moment was in the 35th minute.

"Firstly, there was an offside. Secondly, which is much more serious, Schmelzer cleared the ball with his knee, he was not doing anything intentional or unnatural that merited a penalty.

"And if this was not bad enough, we had to play for more than a half outnumbered. This was a game we clearly dominated up until this point, and we feel bitter for dropping points."

Following the last round of Bundesliga matches, defending champions Dortmund find themselves 14 points behind league-leaders Bayern Munich.