Vukcevic awakes from clinically-induced coma

The Germany Under-21 midfielder has made another step forward in his recovery from a car crash and is now able to communicate with his loved ones
Hoffenheim have announced that Boris Vukcevic has awoken from a clinically-induced coma after eight weeks and is able to communicate with his family.

The 22-year-old midfielder was involved in a traffic accident in September and sustained serious head injuries in the crash.

The Germany Under-21 international was released from hospital last month and has now made another step forward as he continues his recovery in rehabilitation clinic in Heidelberg.

"We are really delighted that things are continuing to improve for Boris," Hoffenheim general manager Andreas Muller was quoted as saying on the club's official website.

"We think about him every day. Of course we, the players and his colleagues, would love to visit him, but that is totally secondary right now.

"What’s more important is that he receives the best possible conditions for his recovery and we fully understand his family’s wishes."