Lattek: Sammer & Heynckes can not work together

The 77-year-old fears that the recent clash between the duo is a structural problem rather than an isolated incident as their personalities are too similar
Former Bayern Munich coach Udo Lattek believes that it is a matter of time before the conflict between current coach Jupp Heynckes and sporting director Matthias Sammer gets out of hand.

The sporting recently publicly criticised Bayern, resulting in an angry reaction from the veteran trainter, and Lattek believes the two are both too dominant to successfully work together.

"It is to be expected that there will be more trouble in the not too distant future. Sammer and Heynckes are both selfish people, something that's crucial for a coach," he was quoted as saying by Bild.

"However, normally, this situation will not work for too long. They are both alpha-males who want things to go their way.

"It would surprise me if things did not go wrong shortly. I really hope this will not happen, though. There's still plenty of time to repair all of this."

Bayern are currently preparing for the Bundesliga match at home against Hoffenheim.