Venezuela & Peru Fans Despair As Uruguay & Paraguay Supporters Look Ahead To Copa America Final

Fans of all four teams share their thoughts ahead of another weekend of Copa action, and they have plenty to say as the debates rage on
Tears of joy and sorrow, as well as all the post-match hyperbole - just a few of the things which sum up how fans of Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela see the Copa America now that the finalists have been decided.

Uruguay meet Paraguay in Buenos Aires for Sunday's final, while Peru and Venezuela will have to settle with fighting for third place in La Plata on Saturday.

Like most major games in top tournaments, delight was met with despair during the semi-finals as the penalty shoot-out between Paraguay and Venezuela led to divided opinions from the two sets of fans.

Paraguay supporters believe their side can go all the way and lift the trophy, while Venezuela supporters were left in tears, their Copa dreams in tatters.

Uruguay have won the tournament 14 times and their fans are already setting their sights on lifting the World Cup trophy in 2014 as the Copa hype leads to amplified ambitions.

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