Venezuela's Cesar Farias Blames Paraguayan Officials For Brawl After Copa America Semi-Final

A scuffle broke out following the conclusion of the Copa America semi-final between the sides, which marred the end of a game that had to be settled with a penalty shoot-out
Venezuela coach Cesar Farias has pinned the blame on Paraguay after an altercation between the two sides following their Copa America semi-final penalty shoot-out.

Farias' side saw their hopes of a most unlikely final ended from the penalty spot in a tight game, which saw Paraguay defender Dario Veron sent off.

Tempers flared in the aftermath of the match, something, which Farias found unfortunate, and he is quoted as saying to the media afterwards: "Today we have seen how [an established] World Cup team and some of their officials had to come and provoke us.

"How we are so important that they already know our names, we are so important that we got to penalties and we are so important they have to come and attack us after the game."

Farias rued what he felt was a lack of good fortune for his side, but despite a better than expected tournament for Venezuela, he was not entirely content with the outcome.

He added: "Sometimes it is a question of luck and today we did not get what we perhaps should have. We played a controlled game. We are not satisfied because we want to work for more. The players captured the hearts of everyone."

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