Trevor Morgan backs Falopa to succeed at East Bengal

The British coach has advised his ex-protégé’s at East Bengal to keep calm and not clutter their head with thoughts as ‘important’ AFC quarter-final looms

Trevor Morgan’s shadow seems to stretch an incomprehensible length at East Bengal. The Brit, who quit the coach’s seat last year, still finds himself being widely quoted with news related to the club. Morgan, though, it seems loves to see the humourous  side of these stories.

“It’s funny that I am still being discussed in Calcutta. The media there is very nagging. They will be after you. You have to deal with them carefully. When I first came in 2010, I was amazed by the number of reporters who turned up every morning and asked me for a quote,” stated Morgan, in an interview with The Telegraph.

The present Brazilian coach, Marcos Falopa, though sees the less funny side of things. Recently at the pre-match press conference before Asian Football Confederations (AFC) Cup quarter final first-leg match against Semen Padang, the questions were largely oriented on Morgan and his East Bengal influence post quitting.

“He did a wonderful job. It’s a new set-up and we promise to do better. I will not say anything more,” snapped Falopa, somewhat sourly. It’s been a recurring theme that the media repeatedly props questions up on Morgan for Falopa to handle and this often gets the better of the Brazilian and his impatience.

Though captain Mehatb Hossain held anchor and handled the issue calmly, Morgan wistfully remembered, “If you lose your temper, then you are gone. In hindsight, sometimes I miss that madness.”

“It’s a new set-up in East Bengal. A new coach comes with his idea of football. Players also will take time to adapt. He hasn’t come with any magic wand. Leave him alone. Give him some breathing space. I do not understand why people are comparing Falopa with me.

"Why can’t people understand that this man has just come,” opined Morgan, who is currently leading the coaching efforts at the training camp of the newly proposed IMG-Reliance league and the players who signed on.  

Issuing a call of acceptance towards Falopa, Morgan admitted that he does keep a close watch on his former team’s progress, emlucidating, “Yes, I keep a tab on what’s happening in East Bengal. I am still in touch with some of the players. I am told that their AFC Cup match will not be telecast live. It’s sad.”

Morgan shrugs off suggestions that the AFC quarter-final is a do-or-die match for East Bengal and expressed his humble contradiction stating, “It’s ridiculous to say a loss will be end of the world for East Bengal. They will still have nine months to play for.”

“It’s rubbish… How does it matter? The idea is to treat the first of a double-legged match as the first half. So after the first leg you will have an idea about what you would have to do in the next.

"I will suggest the boys to play their normal game and not think too much. Sometimes if you think too much, it may clutter your thoughts,” concluded Morgan, dispelling popular, mistaken belief while at the same time dishing out advise to his former players.

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