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The 2010 World Cup ball, the Jabulani, has been subjected to stinging criticism from players, coaches, pundits and journalists for its perceived flight trajectory, uncontrollable speed and unusual behaviour.

England manager Fabio Capello described the Jabulani as “the worst ball that I have seen in my life."

Others have likened the Adidas manufactured product to a “supermarket” ball and its controversial performance has also been blamed for the lack of spectacular long-range goals, free kicks and the paucity of top-quality passes and through balls at the World Cup.
's Peter Staunton and Carlo Garganese, together with our partners at filmed a video documentary aimed at delivering an accurate reflection to supporters on the true quality of the Jabulani with an extensive and in-depth examination of it in on-field conditions in comparison with previous World Cup balls.

With the aid of former Ajax and Leeds striker Clyde Wijnhard, and Brazil legend Socrates' one-time English club Garforth Town, we executed tests like free-kicks, penalty kicks, long range passes and other small-scale scenarios in order to determine whether or not the Jabulani deserves the opprobrium thrown its way. We contrasted it with the 1982 Tango Espana, FIFA's last fully leather World Cup ball; the 1986 Azteca, FIFA's first all-synthetic World Cup ball and the 1998 Tricolore, another of the most infamous balls of the recent era.

Check out the video below:

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