Sunil Chhetri: It’s funny how people think we are underdogs

The Indian skipper was sarcastic of the critics who had labelled the defending champions as 'underdogs' following their listless performances in the group stages...

GOALBY   AYUSH SRIVASTAVA     Follow @ayush_sri on twitter

Sunil Chhetri had to see India’s win sitting in the dugout, as he was suspended for the game. Speaking to the media before the game against Afghanistan, the Indian captain spoke of his frustration at sitting on the bench in the game and also gave an insight on what he thought about being tagged as the underdogs by several people.

He stated, “Yes, it’s so difficult to watch a game from the stands. And it’s funny that people think we are underdogs. I have never felt like that in the SAFF Championship before, having won the title so many times.”

When quizzed on how happy he was to see his team come through against Maldives, he revealed, “I never felt the euphoria and condition like I did after the game. The way the boys played in the game was extra-ordinary and I was so happy, that I almost lost my voice screaming.”

On being asked if it would help Afghanistan, having Haroon Amiri in their ranks, a player with a lot of I-League experience of having played against the striker, Chhetri commented, “ I don’t think it’s about individual players. Amiri and I are good players. It is about the team not any individual battle.”

The Bengaluru FC forward was confident that his side could retain their crown in Nepal, and stated, “We played against them in the 2011 SAFF cup and almost the same team is here. We have the motivation and we have won this trophy the majority of times and we shall give everything to ensure the cup remains with us.”


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