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Tickets to come with specially included holograms to prevent black market propagation; cap introduced on individual ticket purchasing.


The All Nepalese Football Association (ANFA) has decided to increase the ticket prices for the semi-finals at the eighth South Asian Football Federation’s (SAFF) currently being held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The raise in ticket prices include rise in the open and closed parapet platforms. Elucidating the crux of the matter, ANFA Chief Executive Officer Indra Man Tuladhar informed, “The ticket price has been set INR 628 for the closed and INR 314 for the open parapet.”, to The Himalayan Times.

It had been noted that tickets for the keenly anticipated Nepal-India Group ‘A’ match had been bought in black by several attendees in the audience, as they were forced to. It was also revealed that as many as 13 guards from the stadiums were involved in the racket as well.

So, as per ANFA dictum, the tickets will also now include a hologram verification image, which will help check the sale of tickets in black. Tuladhar also informed the press that a limit of 10 tickets per individual had been implemented to prevent unwarranted hoarding and misuse of costly and scarce tickets.

Furthermore, ANFA have also limited the number of tickets that can be sold outright to the audiences, from a total of 18,000 to 17,000 tickets which includes 15,000 open parapet and 2,000 closed ones.


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