Istvan Urbanyi: To put pressure on the opposition and getting them a red card is part of our tactics

The Maldives coach was pleased with his team's performance against Bhutan and reiterated his desire to win the SAFF Championship...

Maldives coach Istvan Urbanyi was a pleased man, after seeing his team run away as 8-2 winners against Bhutan after half-time, before which the Bhutan Eleven had taken a surprise lead in the first half.

Describing the changes he made in the second half, the Red Snappers’ coach commented, “I told the players that this will be a difficult game after an amazing start (to the competition) as we were coming into a game we must win. I was not surprised by what happened in first half but the team had enough quality to change the scoreline. I changed things and we gave others a chance. Second half I told players it a new game and then they can play it like that, we won 6-0 (in the second half), so that’s impressive.”


When questioned regarding whether his players may have been slightly complacent in the build-up to the game, leading to them conceding two goals and the lead to Bhutan, Urbanyi mentioned, “That’s what I said in the beginning. I have a long playing experience and I know these kinds of matches. It is difficult to pick up the rhythm. We knew that we will win the game, even though it may not be fair to say so, but psychologically it impacts you. Maybe you take it a bit easy. Bhutan started well. I was happy they scored the goals because they deserved it.”

This was the second game in a row that Maldives’ opponents had been reduces to ten men. However when questioned if the team was lucky, he quipped, “Do you think it’s (sending off) luck? I think it comes after a foul. It’s part of our tactics, to put pressure on other team and get a red card.”

With qualification for the semi-finals sealed, when asked about who would be his ideal opponent in the last four, the coach joked, “Against the U-12 of some team! Simply speaking I want to win the group and thus play whoever finishes second. I don’t want to lose any game in my life.”


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