Nepal coach Jack Stefanowski: We continued to believe even when we were 1-0 down

The Nepal coach was happy with his side's performance against Pakistan and is confident of their chances to progress into the semis...
Jack Stefanowski was a happy man at the final whistle, as Nepal managed to extract a point from a game they seemed set to lose.

The coach paid tribute to the will shown by his players and commented, “The biggest thing for me is that the team showed character and fighting spirit. We continued to believe even when we were 1-0 down and they continued believing. We could have done better in the final third, but that lucky bounce finally fell for us. We will work on it (our aerial ability), and do better next time.”

What concerned the fans the most was that when Pakistan sat deep to defend and Nepal had no change in their strategy. However the American national assured that they were working on their game and stated, “Yes, we tried to implement plan B. We will speak to the guys who need to improve and like I said, they must continue to try to dominate the opponent.”

He yet again paid homage to the support granted by the fans, who thronged the stadium. He mentioned, “I still believe that the fans are fantastic and they have cheered on throughout the game. We appreciate the support. It is great to hear them and they continue to believe in us.”

With some important players like Jagjit Shrestha not being fully match-fit, the team at times lacks composure. Stefanowski though, feels that the replacements can step-up to the mark with a little bit more self-belief. He commented, “I think we got the new players in but it is maybe a matter of confidence. I will continue to work on it.”

Speaking of their chances to progress and their game against India, the coach revealed, “The other game (Bangladesh versus India) was a tie as well. We have a good position, and it may come down to goal difference.”

“I haven’t thought that far (about game against India) yet. I need to let this game sink into my head, I will need some more time to think about it. But we always play to win.”

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