Kaleemullah: Pakistan will focus on India’s junior players

The Pakistan skipper believes that there is a lack of cohesion between the three Indian seniors and the rest of the Under-23 squad...

As Pakistan gear up to face India in this historic bilateral-series, in Bangalore, Goal caught up with Pakistan captain Kaleemullah, who emphasized that pressure will be on the Indian team and that his boys had figured out how to neutralize and strike the Indian armour.  

Quizzed on what he felt about India’s weaknesses, Kaleemullah responded, “There isn’t significant cohesion between the Indian Junior players and the senior players. So our focus will be on isolating the Junior players as much as possible. We will also focus on the seniors, especially with the way (Sunil) Chhetri is playing, but the main focus will be on the junior players. 

“Also India’s defensive backline isn’t top draw, so we will do our best to take advantage of that as well."

Kaleemullah seemed to signal that the weight of expectations will be on Chhetri, implying, “India are playing at home so obviously there will a lot of pressure and expectation on Chhetri to deliver. The crowd will be on their back every passing minute, so Chhetri will no doubt have onus on him.”

Finally, Kaleemullah concluded by stating that his team had one and only on tactic for Sunday's game. “We’re going to sit deep and let them attack us. We will focus our game on counter-attacking.”