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Player Ratings: Cameroon 3-1 Maldives

Player Ratings: Cameroon 3-1 Maldives

The Nehru Cup tie between Cameroon and Maldives ended 3-1 and brings to you its rating of each player on a scale from 1 to 5...



 Player  Rating  Performance
Ngome Lawrence  2 Lawrence did not have to make any significant saves in the first half and the shot by Ghani was difficult to put away. Maldives did not test him at all in the second half and he refused to play the ball forward in the dying minutes of the game.
Paul Kingue  2.5 He had a very good performance defensively. For much time in the first half he contained the stubborn Ashfaq but had a quiet second half. He wasn't seen venturing forward the way he did in his previous game against Nepal.
Meyoupo Stephane  2.5 Meyoupo had a good game overall. He was tested by the Maldives front line in the first half and reacted whenever they looked threatening. However, Gustave and he were caught when Easa's chip towards Ghani resulted in a goal.
Moundi Gustave  2.5 Gustave had a rock solid performance throughout the game. He contained the Maldives strikers well and won both the individual battles against Ashfaq and Asadullah.
Jean Patrick Abouna 2.5 Jean Patrick Abouna was not adventurous going forward as he was against Nepal. He had a decent game defensively and contained Ashfaq well in the second half who had switched flanks with Asadullah.
Makon Thierry 3 Makon Thierry was throughout the first half looking for a killer pass for his attackers. Cameroon's second goal came from a corner which was taken by Thierry. Positioned in the midfield, he was very good with closing down the Maldives attack.
Kingue Mpondo
(Top of the match)
 4 Kingue Mpondo is our top of the match for scoring a brace. Both his goals were fantastic and he was menacing for the opposition throughout the game. He made fantastic runs towards the penalty box and breached the Maldivian back line time and again.
Ashu Tambe  2 Ashu Tambe did not find much activity down the right flank. Maldives were aware of the threat that Tambe posed with his pace and dribbling ability and it is for that reason why they put two men to mark him. He tried to put in a few crosses whenever he got an opportunity but was mostly closed down by Ghani.
Joseph Momasso 3 Joseph Momasso was the second best player on the pitch and it was an absolute delight to watch him. He made some excellent runs down the wing and won almost every battle over his markers. Although a goal could not be resulted from his crosses but his swiftness made it a very long night for his markers.
Ebanga Bertin 2.5 Ebanga Bertin's only contribution towards the match came from the penalty kick which he took very well. But before and after the goal he was hardly seen with the ball and was substituted in the last ten minutes of the match.
Kologny Merime 2.5 Merime was the more active of the two strikers and was very unselfish to cross the ball towards Mpondo which opened the scoring for Cameroon. He had very few shots towards the goal but had a quiet evening in general. He was replaced by Charles Eloundou at the one hour mark.
Charles Eloundou  2 Charles Eloundou looked to work very hard after coming on and tried to create space for his team-mates on a few ocassions but nothing concrete came of them.
Bitte Samuel  NA Came on as a late substitute.



 Player  Rating  Performance
Imran Mohamed  2 Imran Mohamed was tested infront of the goal throughout the game. Maldives conceded three goals but it could have been much worse if not for him. He was not shy of coming off his line for collecting or tipping over crosses for a corner.
Mohamed Shifan  2.5 Shifan had a rock solid performance and was easily the better of the three Maldivian defenders. He cleared the line whenever he could and made a few excellent last ditch challenges.
Abdul Ghani 3 Abdul Ghani was the best player on the pitch for Maldives. Being a defender he made some excellent overlapping runs and ended one of them with a goal. Defensively he was good in blocking Ashu Tambe's crosses.
Ahmed Shafiu 1.5 Ahmed Shafiu put in a below par display for his team. There was nothing that he could do against the swiftness of the combined force of Momassa and Mpondo. Defensively he had a long night and failed to come out strong from whatever questions that were asked of him.
Rilwan Waheed  1.5 Waheed much like Shafiu was given the responsibility of containing the dangerous Mpondo. He was easily shrugged aside and failed to inspire his side in anyway. He was substituted in the dying minutes of the game.
Mohamed Rasheed  2.5 Rasheed put in a spirited display. He can be credited for intercepting a few dangerous balls played forward by Cameroon. He was also responsible for initiating the ball several times towards Ashfaq.
Ashadh Ali
(Flop of the Match)
 1 Ashadh Ali was deployed in the centre of the field and was asked to take the role of the injured Mohamed Arif. His performance was no where close to Arif's in the previous games and was a spectator for most part of the match that he was involved in. He was sent off at the beginning of the second half by the referee for protesting the award of the penalty.
Mohamed Umair  1.5 Mohamed Umair was deployed on the right hand side and made a decent effort to run past the Cameroon defenders who kept him at bay for most part of the game.
Ismail Easa  2 Ismail Easa was positioned on the right hand side and ministered the only goal for Maldives. He genuinely put in a effort to combine with Ashfaq but couldn't make anything out of it.
Ali Ashfaq  2.5 Ali Ashfaq did look threatening whenever he had the ball at his feet. He beat the full backs on a couple of ocassions but should have done better with his shots. He would have been dissapointed with the performance of his team as there was no one to support him.
Abdulla Asadhulla 1.5 Asadhulla couldn't do anything at all in the game and was consistently beaten by the Cameroon center-backs.
Hassan Adhuham  1 He came on at half time but he couldn't inspire his team who were reduced to ten-men early on in the second half.
Yaamin Moosa  NA Came on very late in the game.
Houssain Mohamed NA Came on in the dying minutes of the game.

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