Player Ratings: India 0-0 Nepal

With the Nehru Cup match between India and Nepal ending with a draw, looks at how individual players fared on the pitch on a scale from 1 to 5...



 Player  Rating  Performance
Subrata Paul  2.5 The first half for Subrata Paul was rather busy but he was a spectator for most of the part in the second. Whenever he was given an opportunity, he came off bravely from his line for very good clearances.
Denzil Franco  2 Franco was deployed as a full back on the right flank. The first half was not very enterprising for Franco as he didn't see much of the ball. The second half however was a little more busy than the first where he was seen moving forward on several ocassions. He was also caught out of possession and was not strong defensively. Could have scored an own goal in the first half too.
Raju Gaikwad  2.5 Raju Gaikwad had a rock solid performance throughout the game. He did very well to contain the dangerous Jumanu Rai and in the second half made a few good last ditched tackles.
Gouramangi Moirangthem  2.5 Gouramangi along with his center back compatriot was very good defensively. He consistently erased dangers in the first half and contained the Nepalese forwards for most of the second half.
Syed Nabi  3 Syed Nabi was excellent at the left back position. Nabi dominated the various battles that he had to encounter against Bholanath Silwal, Bharat Khawas and Jumanu Rai. He also moved forward well in the second half despite being aware of the threat down the left flank. He made some excellent challenges to break down the Nepalese play.
Lenny Rodrigues  1.5 Lenny Rodrigues by his standards had a day off on the pitch today. He gave the ball away cheaply in the first half and hardly made any attempt to recover them. He also did not test the goalkeeper with a few frail shots that he had attempted. He had to be substituted in the last few minutes of the game.
Mehtab Hossain
(Top of the match)
 3.5 Mehtab Hossain started the game on a very low note but later on managed to play his best match of the tournament so far. He was well aware of the threat from the Nepalese midfield and attack and did ever so well in breaking countless counter attacks. He was also the engine for The Blue Tigers and made a few stunning passes forward. The pitch conditions suited him best for his tough tackling.
Anthony Pereira  2 Anthony Pereira did not make any significant impact on the game. He tried to make a few runs down the right wing but was mostly crowded out by the Nepalese strong fold. He managed to put in a few crosses which ended in vain.
Clifford Miranda (Flop of the match)  1 Clifford Miranda is our Flop of the Match as he did not see any of the football in the first half. It was a lazy performance which saw him being substituted at the start of the second half.
Francis Fernandes  1.5 Francis Fernandes had a dismal performance. He was deployed on the right hand side in the second half and was shrugged off by the Nepalese defenders throughout the game. He was genuinely trying to make an effort but couldn't do much in the end.
Sunil Chhetri 2 A lot was expected yet again from Sunil Chhetri but the pitch conditions and a poor first half performance by his team made it difficult for him to continue his form. The Nepalese defenders were marking him well in the first half and closed him down quickly. However, he did have a couple of chances in the second half after he created the space himself but failed to make any use out of it.
 Robin Singh  2.5 Robin Singh played in the second half after coming on for Clifford Miranda. His physical presence became very clear after coming on and he easily shouldered the Nepalese defenders. He made a few good passes and attempted a couple of good shots which were heroically saved by Chemjong.
Jewel Raja  2 In truth the substitution for Jewel Raja should have been made much earlier in the second half. He swiftness helped him beat his markers easily and he did torment them for whatever little time he was on for. He also created space for Chhetri in the dying minutes who failed to seal a win for India.



 Player  Rating  Performance
Kiran Chemjong  2.5 Kiran Chemjong did not have to make any saves in the first half but surely had to step up his game in the second. The Blue Tigers looked threatening in the second half of the game and he came on top with a few breathtaking saves.
 Rohit Chand  2.5 Rohit Chand made up with performance against India after a horrendous show against Cameroon. He can be credited for winning the ball on numerous ocassions for Nepal. He did not allow either of the Indian forwards to move ahead and played a few fantastic dead balls forwards which could not be capitalised. He blocked crosses consistently and made a few important blocks for his sides.
 Sagar Thapa  2.5 Sagar Thapa's performance was hand in gloves with Rohit Chand. He contained Francis Fernandes for most of the game and did not give him enough space to move about. He also made a few important tackles and assisted a couple of good attacks for his side. Was at fault for allowing Jewel Raja to have a go, late in the game.
 Sandip Rai  2.5 Sandip Rai had a dream performance in the first half. Sitting a little ahead of the Nepalese center backs, he made the job easier for them by breaking down the Indian attack early. He consistently won headers for his squad and tried to cut open the Indian defense with his passes.
 Biraj Maharjan  2 Biraj Maharjan had a very average game. He was hardly found to be in the scheme of things in the first but did well to stop the Indians who were looking threatening in the second half.
 Bikash Chhetri  1 Bikash Chhetri had a very quiet game in general. The forward runs that he tried to make were cut short early on. He was also given a straight red card for protesting a free-kick that was given against his team. The decision of the referee was harsh and reminded one of the red card dished out to Osasuna's Patxi Punal for protesting when Messi scored his first goal this weekend.
 Jagjit Shrestha  2 Jagjit Shrestha can be remembered from the game for his corners. Nepal were awarded a lot of corners when they were looking menacing. Shreshta's corners were pin point and were just begging to be headed in for a goal.
 Bholanath Silwal  2.5 Bholanath Silwal did not give the Indian defenders a moment of respite in the first half. He made some excellent runs down the flanks and linked up beautifully with Jumanu Rai. However, a weak performance by his squad in the second half did not give him much fluidity to move as he did in the first half.
 Jumanu Rai  2.5 Jumanu Rai is the veteran forward for the Nepalese squad. He avenged his performance against Cameroon and looked sublime with his dribbling skills in the first half. He attempted a few shots which were wide of the mark and like his other forwards he had a quiet second half.
 Bharat Khawas  2 Bharat Khawas had a very average performance. He was mainly put up against Syed Nabi who did very well to stop him from going forward.
Anil Gurung  NA  Came on as a late substitute.
Santosh Shahukhala  NA  Came on in the dying minutes of the game.

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