“The Dreaded Day” – A Tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson

Today marks the final matchday of Alex Ferguson's career as a manager. Brendon Netto pays tribute to the Manchester United legend with a short lyric..
 Brendon Netto
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“The Dreaded Day” – A Tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson


The planning was extensive,

Yet no one is quite prepared,

Despite the house being in order,

It’s a sad day for those in red.


But the gauntlet must be picked up,

Regardless of its weight,

As another man from Glasgow,

Is tasked with following the great.


From Robson to Vidic and Keane in between,

In twenty seasons, he won thirteen!

Forty-nine trophies and he calls it a day,

T’is his swansong.. His final say.


‘Squeaky bum time’ and ‘Fergie time’,

Now comes to an end,

But will all this success,

Continue its trend?


Nights at the Camp Nou and Moscow

Will live on forever,

All thanks to one man’s

Relentless endeavor.


From this day forward

British football will never be the same,

How could it,

With Fergie retired from the game?


He rose to every challenge,

Whether Blue or Red,

And domestically at least,

He left them for dead.


Alas! The dreaded day is upon us,

And a new world awaits the Reds.

One without that touchline presence,

That push to score at the death.


The memories live on and his legend will remain,

While his spirit United, must always sustain.

As his mythical watch ticks toward its final hour,

Reality sets in while he relinquishes his power.


If there was but one line to sum up his tenure,

And sum it up well,

It would always be this one -

“Football, bloody hell!”


His rants and hypocrisy,

Were but part of his armour,

Designed to shield his players,

In their darkest hour.


But now as he steps down with all said and done,

The truth about Sir Alex is simply – he WON!


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