Unraveling the magnificent Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

Continuing our focus on the new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX, we now look at the key features that make the boot so special.
Nike is one of the world’s biggest and most renowned names in sportswear manufacturing. They have continued their tradition of being at the very cutting-edge of technology in sport, having first entered the business over two decades ago. The unique place the company has created for itself in the market is powered to a great extent by its guarantee of unmatched quality. From kits, gloves and head-gear to boots, the list of products is endless.

Ever since it first launched in 1998, Nike Mercurial has been at the forefront of scientific enhancement of football footwear, seeking to give the special players that little bit extra thus enabling them to make the difference in the moments that matter. It's no wonder that it has been the choice footwear for some of the world’s greatest players for nearly fifteen years. Certainly, the newly introduced Mercurial Vapor IX is a fitting addition to the glittering legacy of the Mercurial series.

In today’s highly technical and fast game, straight-line speed and the ability to simply pass a player is only part of a professional's skill set. With its combination of performance innovation and a heritage of lightweight boots, the Mercurial Vapor IX is designed for players who rely on sharp turns combined with bursts of explosive speed to beat their opponents.

Speed Control

Engineered with a completely new upper, the boot is designed to deliver a level of support to players that enables them to produce a deadly combination of speed and skill when it matters most. The new Speed Control texture on the upper gives players the confidence to perform at pace with enhanced friction that combines with a snug and responsive fit - a hallmark of Mercurial boots.

It wraps around the foot, giving the boot friction when necessary without compromising on the soft touch the player requires. The upper also locks down the foot and prevents unnecessary movement within the boot while a minimal and soft heel area maximizes comfort and therefore the performance of those wearing them.

All Condition Control (ACC Technology)

The new All Condition Control technology further enhances player performance and provides a consistent touch in both wet and dry conditions. The ACC technology is created by a special treatment during the development of the upper materials to deliver a consistent feel on the ball at all times. The technology ensures the surface of the boot upper delivers consistent friction between boot and ball in wet weather conditions allowing the player an assured touch similar to the feel of the ball in dry conditions.


Traction is crucial for any player who relies on explosive speed. The twin studs at the back of the boot are especially important as they facilitate a quick release from the turf while the asymmetric design on the stud configuration delivers an explosive head-start. Highly responsive blades also allow for game-altering changes in direction at speed.


The boot features a unique, lightweight plate incorporating two different pieces of glass fibre that increases flexibility and responsiveness, providing energy return in the heat of the game.


Over the years, one of the key features of the Mercurial range have been its attractive design and colours which has meant that the players wearing it have always caught the eye and been noticed. Similarly, the striking fireberry and sunset colours of the MV IX will always make its players standout on the pitch.

All the above mentioned factors make the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX the most technologically-advanced and sophisticated boot introduced in the market to date. So the next time you’re watching a key football match, be sure to keep an eye out for that special player wearing the MV IX.

Contains excerpts courtesy: nikeinc.com

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