Fanview: Ronaldinho a better player than Messi? asks fans who has been the better player: The Messi of 2007-2012 or The Ronaldinho of 2003-2006... here takes the fans' opinion on whether Ronaldinho was a better player under Frank Rijkaard or Messi under Pep Guardiola.

Harshit Yadav:  

In my opinion, Ronaldinho was a much better player at his prime. His dribbling ability along with the skills used to be more surprising. His tricks were always new thereby making it difficult for defenders to read it. He was competent with both feet where as Messi’s right foot is weak compared to his left.

Sushant Kadoli:

Yes, I think Ronaldinho was better in some aspects like dribbling although Messi has proved himself to be a goal scorer. Ronaldinho was never a potent scorer although I would say a better midfielder than Messi could ever be.

Sankalp Damani:

Messi is a better player in my opinion. His agility is far better although he doesn’t have many tricks up his sleeve. He can pass the ball as good as the Brazilian, but since his scoring rate is much better, I have gone for him. Messi has also been more instrumental in the amount of trophies they have gathered as compared to the Ronaldinho era.

Akash Singh:

Messi is better simply because his statistics with the Blaugrana are much better. He has broken almost every record there is in La Liga and World Football. He now has the maximum goals in a calendar year which is no easy task. Messi has also been much more important for Barcelona in these 5 years as he is the heartbeat of the squad. Although Ronaldinho was also an important part of that team, he did not win as much as Messi has.

Rakshith Shetty:

Ronaldinho and Messi are both fun to watch, the Brazilian entertained with his dribbling and while Messi has this wonderful ability to find his way between the tightest of defences. In the end, it is Messi who has scored much more goals and has been mesmerizing fans since 4 years. Messi has a greater impact on the game than Ronaldinho has had.

Vaibhav Tulsyan:

Ronaldinho is a better player than Messi because he is a better all round player. Apart from good passing and shooting skills, he uses freestyle dribbling skills even in matches. In addition, his free-kick taking abilities are also better. 

Bitaun Nandi:

Ronaldino was far better at his prime than Messi now, simply because his free-kicks were better, he was a much better dribbler of the ball although the finishing skills of the two are on par. Ronaldinho also faced opponents like Zidane, Figo, Beckham, Giggs, Ronaldo and Rivaldo where as Messi is only threatened by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Tanuj Parakh:

In my opinion, Messi is a better player in comparison to the Brazilian and that’s because of his pace and agility. Ronaldinho did have better tricks and dribbling ability but Messi doesn’t need them because he is agile. His finishing is top class where as Ronaldinho’s is nowhere in comparison.

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