thumbnail Hello, asks Gooners what Arsenal should do regarding the Van Persie situation with yet another star from Wenger's constellation leaving for greener pastures...

“In many aspects we (Arsene Wenger and Van Persie) disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward” was the condemning statement from Robin Van Persie. The Dutch striker had a wonderful 2011-12 season with the Gunners that saw him score a total of 37 goals.

A move to Manchester City looks on the horizon for the striker but should Wenger part ways with his star player or should he take a firm stand by running down his contract which ends next season and risk losing him for free? posed the same question to the Arsenal fans and here is what they had to say...

Ameya Jayekar

Sell him because Arsenal have enough firepower with Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski. Plus with Wilshere returning and Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott in decent form from the Euros, Arsenal will not be a one man team like last year...

... and possibly by selling RVP at around 30 million plus, they can also buy another striker. Berbatov who clearly wants to leave United could be an option at a much cheaper price.

Swarup Paul

They should sell him. Keeping him will further disrupt the harmony of the team. Being a captain he should lead by example but considering his current mindset, it will be ridiculous to expect him to give his 100 percent for the club.

It's better not to drag this episode for too long like they did last year as this will only jeopardise their season. It will be better if they utilise the money they will get by selling him.

Sushovan Bhowmick

Going by his performances and the fact that he is getting older, Arsenal should sell him because in the transfer market Premier League sides like Tottenham, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea are all able to compete at a financially higher level than them.

Moreover, as his contract ends next summer this might be a good option to earn some money and buy some young talent. It's in Arsenal's best interests to sell him.

Sagarika Jain

Arsenal should sell Van Persie because he won't perform to his fullest because he is not committed. It's that simple.

Abhyudaya Rana

I say, keep him for two reasons. First - It sets an example to the other players that Arsenal are not a feeder club. Second- Van Persie can't afford to sulk and perform poorly because he turns 30 next year and only his best will attract the top clubs.

Varun Nitish

Sell him in January. That's usually when the market is inflated so Wenger can get more money and also manage to keep Van Persie for half the season. He may even agree to a new deal by then.



Van Persie is thinking of leaving even though Arsenal have shown ambition by signing new players this summer. Torres left inspite of knowing Suarez was signed. Had he stayed, Liverpool would not have faced a problem and could have had a much better season. He has still not settled at Chelsea. Van Persie should really think before leaving Arsenal. Wenger is doing the right thing by making him stay. If Arsenal win trophies this season then Van Persie won't be sold thereafter because he will be likely to sign a new contract. So once again, I believe Wenger is right as always.


Twitter speaks

Sohail Yaqub

When a player starts believing that he is bigger than the club, they need to show him why he isn't. Van Persie should go.

Subhash Pais

Sell him. Even if he stays his heart won't be in it.


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