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In this fanview, we find out what the rival fans think about the Spanish National side. Also, we ask them whether they think there are teams who can stop their campaign for glory..

Winners of Two Euro Championships and One World Cup all in a gap of 4 years; Spain can be tagged as 'One shot Champions!' finds out what rival fans think about the European Champions and thier unstoppable campaign...

Piyush Nathani (England/Germany/Netherlands)

I feel Spain is a very good side, who has a fantastic passing game, with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas and Silva. They are completely unstoppable at the moment. They have a very good defense as well, as we saw in the Euros, conceding just one goal in the whole tournament.
Is it possible to beat them? Yes, of course it is. Though they are the champions of Europe and champions of the world now, I wouldn't say they are unbeatable. They can be beaten if the opposition gets their tactics spot on. Spain does not play well when their opponents play a fast and smooth game. Just like Portugal did in the semi-finals. If you get their defense exposed and take your chances, you can beat them.

Spain and Barcelona have mostly the same players in their team. Chelsea showed how to cope with them and somehow beat them, though the win was undeserved thanks to the dirty tactics, and they even got lucky, when they ended up beating them. If you want to beat Spain you need to have a tight defense and get the interceptions in.

At the moment anyways Spain are a very tough side to beat and deservedly are the champions of the world.
Aneesh Kamat (Brazil/Germany)

Yes, they can. Germany and Brazil look the closest to do so. They, both have good and young players! If they nurture them properly till the 2014 World Cup, they will beat Spain! No team is unbeatable! Same was thought about Barcelona a few years ago! This year Chelsea and Real Madrid showed it, that Barcelona also can be beaten!
Akilesh Radhakrishnan (Portugal)

No team can outplay them. Only teams that play a brand of football exactly opposing theirs i.e. England and Italy have a chance. Portugal can come close too. But Germany? Never. If you compare Germany's midfield to Spain's, they are much weaker in that department and their styles are too similar.
Nikhil Deshpande (Portugal)

Contrary to the belief that this Spanish side is the best team ever, they're NOT! Many term them as "Unbeatable" they're NOT. Be it the first game at this Euro 2012 against Italy or the Croatia game when Spain were pushed to their limits. Had Croatia sneaked a winner early in the game, Spain would've gone out.
In the semis once again a Portugal side which maybe lacked the talent pool of Spain showed the world that Del Bosque's side aren’t unbeatable. Spain scraped through via penalties but had their hearts in their mouth at times.

They may have won two back-to-back Euros and are the reigning world champions, they are not unbeatable by any stretch of the imagination. The current Barcelona squad is equal if not stronger than the Spanish squad and many termed them as the best team ever and tagged them as unbeatable too. But as this season showed, there's no such "unbeatable" team.
Darshan Chajed  (Portugal)

Spain is nowhere intimidating and invincible as they seem. Comparisons to Brazil of 70's are fair technically, but where are the goals? They don't score much. All due respect, but just as Wenger said, they don't keep the ball anymore to beat the opponent but just to make sure they are not beaten.
Portugal had already set an example by thrashing them in a friendly. And ironically, they were the ones who came closest to beating them at the Euros. Tackle them hard, play a little physical and most importantly, go for the ball, and you find Spain is no longer invincible. You don't need to weave poetry or play tiki taka to be feared, though Spain's efforts are worth appreciating and accusations of boring football are wrong.

But a fast flowing assassination is more orgasmic. 3 quick passes and getting the ball into the box is more exciting to watch. The Spanish style and their domination made the game better, but just like their passing, an overdose will result in no good.
Akshay Mane (Italy)

Before the tournament began, I had a feeling that this might again be Spain's year. Maybe they started off slowly but they had saved their best for the final showdown. They were not half as entertaining they used to be before and with the introduction of a false 9 in Cesc Fabregas, it only got more boring.
Looking at a rejuvenated Andrea Pirlo, I thought Italians had a slight chance of winning the midfield battle. But Spain was absolutely dominant, in every aspect of the game. You can’t simply stand a chance against this group of midfielders, which has Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso and Busquets and, Silva and Fabregas upfront.

This for me is the greatest ever national squad and it'll remain so for a couple of major tournaments ahead looking at their youth system and squad strength. That squad is full of world beaters and they're way more matured than the Germans who are the closest to them. Also with the gameplay they've adapted to, it’s a herculean task to get the ball from them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win the next World Cup as well.

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