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AC Milan and Barcelona played a goalless draw at the San Siro in the first leg of the Champions League Quarter-Finals last Wednesday with the return leg at Camp Nou set to be played tonight.
took to its official accounts on Facebook and Twitter as a medium to interact with fans who were provided an opportunity to have their say on the tie.

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justmessi29Justin C Jose @justmessi29

@Goal_Com_IN barca will show the world who's best.

gkashyapigautam kashyapi @gkashyapi

@Goal_Com_IN , barca will win 2nite

gbenobaxyz04XYZ-KENPACHI @gbenobaxyz04

"@Goal_Com_IN: #Messi hasn't scored a goal in open play in 610 minutes of action against Italian sides in the Champions League.remeba wembly

famedelwinDelwin Davis @famedelwi

@FCBstats @FCBarcelona@Goal_Com_IN #ACMvsBarca again!!! This tym in #NouCamp! Hoping for the best! Fingers crossed! @leo Buck UP!#YoYoBarca

Aniiii405Anish Jose @Aniiii405

@Goal_Com_IN milan r unpredictable. Its clear frm d arsnl game.I think milan's weakpoint is der midfield n tat of fcb's is der defence

vvnikhilNikhil @vvnikhil

@Goal_Com_IN The only thing separating#RealMadrid and #ChampsLeague trophy is Barca. If they beat Barca, then they are European Champions.

mazaje84Bature @mazaje8419h

@Goal_Com_IN Ac milan are completely outmazaje84

gbenobaxyz04XYZ-KENPACHI @gbenobaxyz04

@Goal_Com_IN 2-1 to barcelona.iniesta,xavi and robinho

vvnikhilNikhil @vvnikhil

@Goal_Com_IN After a hard fought draw at San Siro, Milan would be disappointed if they do not go through to the next round

nishant_n4anishant sangani @nishant_n4a

@Goal_Com_IN barcelona may nick it because fabregas's return will bring a little more creativity and home advantage will be a factor as well

iDebadriDebadri Manna @iDebadri

@Goal_Com_IN #ACMilan will advance by away goals........ It will be a close game though......... #ACM



  • Abraham Ashinya Dajoh AC Milian will try their best to tactically overcome Barca by defending very strongly and hitting Barca on the counter, but at the end of it all, Barca will carry the day. Barca will dominate possession and win the game. AC Milan should be careful so that the game does not end within the first 45 minutes!


  • HaRi Krishnan It will be Ac Milan, who'll go through the semi's. From the last game itself it was clear that Milan has a strong defense, which can prevent the Barca one-twos inside or near the box.
    They didnt had much attacks in the last game, but with the return of Pato, there are many things Barca defence should worry about.
    ibrahimovic and Pato can turn out to be a dangerous forward-duo to any defence. And barcelona looks tired with their tight scheduling. They had given away the ball possesion very easily in the last 3 games.
    AC Milan will play with their heart and soul and this game is for AC Milan to win.

  • Anuraag Flake Lorenz Barcelona would go through. AC Milan stifled Barcelona's play in the first game. The lack of width affected Barcelona. Pep didnot went in with his usual three forwards and replaced Pedro with Keita, presumable keeping Milan's set piece threat in mind. The left flank was dead cause Puyol hardly ventured forward but in Nou Camp Adriano would be available. That definately gives Barcelona more width down the left and I am sure Pedro would start. Pique is coming back to his best and would definately tighten things at the back


  • Somnath Mishra i m a barca fan : i think it is going to be a tough tie as milan have no plans of getting out of their D-box. they may try to counter but they are not the best side in counter as well, and barca are playing at home in front of 90k+ home crouds so dats definitely an advantage and remember even if their side is fully fit milan still are not a match to barcelona and barcelona dominated the match at san siro and clearly denied penalties. my prediction is 1-0 barca win or 2-1 barca win with iniesta once again with the crucial winner.


  • Last Chiparaushe according to the recods ac-milan cannot perfm wel if they a plyng away yet in camp-nou is very dfcult to defit barca i think messi is going 2 hav a hattrick i wish barca 2 play wel luck u

  • Samim Aftab Ahmed Milan most probably coz barca failed to score the away goal......

  • Soel Bhowmick Barca shud win it.. Bt being a Milan fan i vil root fr da rossoneri.. If Pato starts den it could b a tight game..oderwis Milan vil b left squanderin posesion in da midfield.. Aquilani n Nocerino shud lift deir game .. Elswer Antonini shud maintain his gud form.. If all dese go acc 2 da plan den NO STOPPING MILAN!


  • Shahrukh Raza A classic duel to ensue at a historical ground between two historic teams. Milan with their history,heart and belief face the Spanish armada of the pass masters Barca...
    The Italians have the experience and will edge through on away goals and the biggest smile will be a Swede out to prove his detractors wrong.
    Heartache for some... Heartbreak for others but thats the Italians for you... Whether its a charging Raging Bull or the expertise of the Mafia, it promises to be an epic...
    Ibra and Van Bommel out for vengeance against the little legends... Xavi, Messi,Iniesta...
    The tie is nicely poised... Nice enough for An Italian Job...
    Forza Milan !


  • Ajeeth Rajesh It'll be a draw, because Barcelona have the home advantage. But do not underestimate the Milan defence. That was the only reason Milan survives the previous game. A 2-2 draw maybe possible, Ibrahimovic and Nocerino scoring for Milan and Messi and possibly Xavi for Barça. Expect Milan to go on away goals if they go through. Unless Milan put a heroic show, a win is not really possible. 75% chance of a draw. 20% chance of Barcelona winning. 5% chance of Milan winning. I will root for Milan, in any case. Forza Milan!

  • George Zindi Barca have very good home record in UCL so l think barca can do it,3-1 for barca


  • Neel Kenjale Barcelona will underestimate AC Milan and that's why Milan will get a win. Ambrosini will keep Messi quiet. Ibrahimovic or Pato will beat Valdes. 1-0. The Italian Job.


  • Richard Stanley Johnson Winfred It will be score draw....i go for a 1-1 or 2-2 draw, barca to score first
    my logic?
    simple, milan will keep defending till they concede then they will score coz milan's attack is good & barca's defence isnt spectacular...
    i'm neither n milan nor barca fan mind you!

  • Steven Pinion I see all the barca fan boys hanging off their nutsacks..its all good we will see tomorrow..rossoneri for life.

  • Mumeet Shah I am a barca fan and barca fan are the only fans who are able to talk after the match. And all others talks before the match because barca humiliate every team.


  • Hitesh Mehta a very difficult one to predict ... simply b coz barca enjoys a lot of possession against any squad ...but as we saw in the last game milan has a solid defence which can contain barca..... and if pato returns for d match a lot will depend on ibra -pato due


  • Jahnawi Culé Marathe The Camp Nou is mighty. 'Tis a fortress. This one is in the bag for Barcelona. I think it is highly unlikely that AC Milan will play an attacking game. They'll just try to sneak an away goal on counter attack. But Blaugrana will certainly score several with some luck.


  • Az Olamilekan as far as i m concern d barca issue is a 4gotten story.dy play best futbol bt w r more dan dem.victory is sure at camp nuo.up mighty milan,gr8 rossoneri.victory 2 azzuri giant


  • Tosine Atolagbe Jnr ‎51 games unbeaten in the Europe's largest statium!goodnews for milan,they held up Barca for 90 mins in the 1stleg,sad news,they cant do it again!Barca 4:1 Milan!