Football Illustrated: The Tevez - Mancini soap opera

Abhay Aswal gives his unique take on the daily entertainment that is the topsy turvy relationship between Carlos Tevez and Roberto Mancini....
The love-hate soap opera involving Roberto Mancini and Carlos Tevez continues to entertain people. While Mancini initially said that the Argentine would never play again for the Citizens, Man City's recent blip has made him talk of a patch-up.

Similarly Tevez has continued to talk in rather unflattering terms about his club's manager, recently saying "He was treated like a dog", but even the forward yearns to trade the golf course for the football field.

So what exactly is going on? Abhay Aswal illustrates what might actually be happening in Manchester City's training sessions on a "normal day".

Note - This cartoon doesn't depict's views on the matter and is a contribution by an avid reader.....

I Hate You....Like I Love You!!

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