The Good Life: 10 Facts On Bayern's Goal Getting Gomez

From being a light in men's fashion from the football segment to being told by David Coulthard that he is similar to his wife, Mario Gomez is quite the character. 10 quick facts...
Munich's mercurial Mario Gomez is expected to dazzle Indian audiences this January in Delhi, where he will be a part of the Bayern Munich team that will play against India in Bhaichung Bhutia's testimonial game. Let us take a closer look at Super Mario's not-so-statistical factfile.

  • German Sports magazine 11 Freunde featured him as Princess Leia in a Star Wars mock-up for their season preview special, causing a stir among fans. This curiosity arose because Mario Gomez said in November 2010 that it would be better for homosexual footballers to be open about it.

No fear| The striker believes that homosexual footballers should be open about their orientation
  • He is one of the few footballers to have his own website, . He has a blog here where he keeps updating match news and views.

  • He is certainly not averse to being discerning if his fashion choices, having appeared in a Hugo Boss print ad series with international team-mates Serdar Tasci and Lukas Podolski.

  • He doesn't mind the magazines either, having posed and given interviews for the German Playboy and Men's Health.


  • He is of Spanish German origin, with a father from Granada and a German mother. He could have played for either country, but eventually chose Germany.

Not La Furia Roja? | Gomez eventually chose to represent Germany, to both parties' advantage
  • His nickname 'Torero', is a reference to his other nationality, meaning a bullfighter.

  • He has his share of sporting well wishers. After his 28 goal Bundesliga haul last season, Formula 1 World Champion Seb Vettel, Bayern mates Schweinsteiger, Badstuber and Lahm, former teammate Andreas Ottl, former Dortmund player Lars Ricken and former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard (who, in a fit of too much information, revealed 'You're as good with a football as my wife is with mine') all lining up to congratulate him.

A lot like my wife?! | Coulthard presents a disturbing analogy with his congratulations to Gomez

  • Mario Gomez's wildly spiky hairstyle took a lot of inches in the tabloid columns last season, with theories ranging from 'the Bart Simpson look' to 'fell asleep at the hairdresser's'.

  • When he's not annoying the living daylights out of goalkeepers, he likes to relax with an energetic game of tennis.

  • According to Bayern's website, the man from Unlingen lives by the motto of 'Never Give Up'.

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